Email Phishing…

Have you ever received an email like the one below? It looks serious doesn’t it?


I received this just the other day and recognized it is spam. Had I clicked on the link, I would probably have infected my computer. Would you have recognized this as spam?

Look for clues. Notice the from address of “”. Who is that and when was the last time you saw a domain that ended in “qa”? Check the grammar… “Closing Of Your Account Is Been Processed” and “NOTE: Failure to Re-activate your account will be lead to email account.”

These are signs that the email is spam and should be deleted. But if you’re not sure, call Exelos and we’ll help you figure it out. Whatever you do, DON’T CLICK THAT LINK until you’re sure. Like defensive driving one the highways, everyone must be on defense and proceed with caution when surfing the internet and opening email.

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