Cloud Services

To Cloud or Not To Cloud?

A national survey indicates that the average American doesn’t understand what cloud computing is or how it works. When asked what “the cloud” was, 29 percent said “a fluffy white thing”, and only 16 percent connected the phrase with a network used to store, access and share data across internet-connected devices.

Don’t worry, we understand the cloud so you don’t have to. Chances are you’re already using it and don’t even realize it. But just because you can use it doesn’t mean you should, at least not everywhere. Exelos can help you sort through the hype to make informed financially justified and security conscious decisions about when and where to utilize the cloud. And when you’re ready, we can deploy it and integrate it so that it works as expected. For those that are ready for the cloud now…EXO3_Cloud1

We Offer Cloud Based

  • Backup and Recovery Solutions
  • Managed Services
  • Anti-Virus and End-Point Security
  • Anti-Spam Filtering
  • Website and Email hosting
  • Software as a Service
  • Hardware as a Service
  • and much more!

“The Exelos Way” is not about pushing the latest “buzz technology.” It’s about choosing the best blend of technologies to serve your needs. Contact us today and we can probably answer any question you have about the cloud including if and where it makes sense for your business.