Hotels, Apartments & Multiple Occupancy Units

Managed Wireless Access

Most everyone that uses a computer has used a wireless connection (WiFi) at one time or another. Access is often free provided by simple wireless access points (WAPs) installed in a home, coffee shop or office.

But sometimes providing WiFi access is a bit more complicated, like:

  • At an airport, in a hotel, or in a multiple occupancy unit where running wires from a central location to each WAP can be a challenge.

  • Or if you want to control access to paid or authorized users only.

  • Or when you have several WAPs to support and you need a way to know which ones are working, which aren’t, and be able to manage them all from a central controller.



Solving this problem used to require expensive and often proprietary and quirky solutions. In fact, they were so expensive that it was out of the price range of our smaller to medium sized clients. That is, until we found Open-Mesh!

Open-Mesh is a smarter, simpler WiFi using low-cost, plug-and-play wireless mesh networks that let you spread an internet connection throughout a hotel, apartment, office, campus, café, village and just about anywhere else. You don’t even have to hard wire each access point. Open-Mesh devices will relay signals wirelessly from one WAP to the next providing simplified installation and fault tolerance. If one device fails, other WAPs in the area will try to route around the failed device.

Central Management

Plus, Open-Mesh WAPs are centrally managed using a cloud controller hosted on the internet. Each WAP uses the same internet connection it’s providing to end-users to reach the cloud controller. You can access that controller from most any web browser to:

  • See which WAP’s are working and which are not.
  • Enable, disable or extend user access.
  • Manage every aspect of your Open-Mesh network.

Exelos is constantly on the lookout for solutions that fit our small to medium size business customer needs and budgets. Open-Mesh is definitely one of those that hits the sweet spot. That said, we can support most any wireless technology and do support many. But when you have a need that Open-Mesh fits, there’s nothing better. Contact us today to learn if it’s a fit for you!