IP Security Cameras & Recording

EXO15_IP SecurityJust like most other image capture systems, security cameras are rapidly going IP or digital primarily because image quality and capabilities are simply better.

Going IP means you can ditch the thick coaxial cables running from a recorder to each camera along with extra pairs of wire for power and possibly camera Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) control. Data, power and control signals can all be handled with a common network cable. And if running a cable is a problem, we can even transmit data and control wirelessly.

Did You Know

IP based security cameras can bring a computer network to it’s knees causing slowdowns that affect your businesses productivity. Think about it. Every frame sent from a security camera is a picture each camera may be transmitting 7, 15 or 30+ frames per second. That’s a lot of network traffic that can compete for bandwidth with other systems.

You may require more storage for your security camera video than you do for everything else you store on your network. Pictures take a lot of space and newer security cameras capture higher resolution images than ever before which means even bigger files. Couple that with longer retention requirements and you can see how storage requirements can explode.

Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) cameras are rapidly becoming obsolete. They’re being replaced with mega-pixel cameras that constantly record a wider view in higher resolution which lets you digitally zoom in after the fact. That way you don’t miss something that may have been out of view while zoomed in using a traditional PTZ. Cool but complicated!

Good News

The good news is that Exelos understands the ins and outs of IP based security cameras. And whether you have or want to deploy a solution we provide or another vendor’s solution, we have the expertise to:

  • Guide you towards the right solution to fit your needs including selecting camera types, resolutions, mounts and placements.
  • Ensure your network is designed to handle the load without affecting your day-to-day productivity including supporting wireless connections and Power over Ethernet (PoE) as needed.
  • Help you select and configure recording and backend components, analytics, remote monitoring, masking, alerting and other capabilities.

Small businesses can count on Exelos to be their complete technology solution experts including IP security. Contact us today to learn more!