ProTech Managed Services

Monitor & Manage

Are you sure your backups are working? Are you properly backing up your databases, email, etc.? Have you done a test restore lately? If not, don’t be surprised to find out that your data isn’t available in a disaster.

How much free space do you have on your hard drives? If a hard drive gets full, it can result in serious data corruption or loss.

  • Are your computers patched and anti-virus programs updated and actively protecting your computers?

  • Whether done intentionally or accidentally, employees often disable anti-virus and security agents leaving your computers and network open to infection, attack and data theft.


ProTech Managed Services

All Exelos ProTech Managed Services include monitoring and management to give you peace of mind that your:

  • Backups are working and data can be restored if the unthinkable should happen.
  • Your critical computers and servers are running smoothly including plenty of free space.
  • Your computers are patched and anti-virus and security is updated and running.
  • And much more!

These preventive maintenance tasks are absolutely necessary, especially in an age where clients depend on their computers more than ever, where more hardware is in play to fail, and where hackers, attackers and thieves lurk on the same internet you rely on. Exelos ProTech monitoring and management helps clients enjoy fewer incidents, greater uptime and faster recovery when an incident does occur. Let us tell you more today!