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I have worked with this company for over 10 years and we have received excellent service. They understand when we have demanding time-sensitive technology needs and are always quick to respond. They are also aware of what is available specifically for nonprofits to help us stay current with technology within our budget.

All Inclusive Fixed Price Services

Our ProTech Managed Services are an all inclusive fixed price service emphasizing proactive monitoring and management coupled with rapid response technologies to keep your IT infrastructure running with maximum uptime. Service levels range from ProTech Prevent Plus, through Manage, Onsite and Complete, to match your budget and needs.

There is no question that managed services are a win-win for you and Exelos. Think about it! You benefit from:

  • A well maintained infrastructure that runs with greater uptime.
  • Most maintenance and similar tasks, like patch management and updates, can be scheduled after hours without disrupting employee productivity.
  • When something does happen requiring support during business hours, we use the worlds fastest remote support technology to provide assistance, again minimizing downtime for your business.
  • A fixed price agreement with no surprises.

And Exelos wins also. It’s in our best interest to do everything possible to make sure you don’t have problems that take extra time to fix and always seem to happen at the worst possible time. Yes we’ve met Murphy! A break-fix approach costs us both money and cuts into profits. That’s why all our managed service offerings include:

  • Backup monitoring and disaster recovery support.
  • Key technology service, health and performance monitoring.
  • Centrally managed end-point security, anti-virus software and content filtering plus virus clean-up and remediation should something get thru our defenses.
  • Automated alerting and technology to automate routine tasks whenever possible.

And all the above are included in our most basic ProTech Prevent Plus level of service starting as low as $12.95/month. We can afford to do this for you because being proactive works. Doing it right is “The Exelos Way!” Contact us now for a quote!

Prepaid Discounted Hours

For those clients who aren’t ready for managed services but still want Exelos’ “Excellence Always”  support and priority response, we offer our Support and Service Agreements (SASA’s). With a SASA:

  • You’re pre-purchasing a block of time that you can use as needed. The more your purchase, the bigger the discount you lock in.
  • You control what services are provided and when.
  • You receive one monthly statement detailing the services provided and showing your remaining balance. When the balance gets below an agreed upon threshold, we’ll simply invoice to replenish. Our goal is for replenishment to be required only a few times per year.
  • You get priority service as a contract client.
  • Your time NEVER EXPIRES!

And you can combine a SASA with a ProTech Managed Service agreement to get the best blend of fixed price and discounted on-demand support to suit your needs. You know you’re going to need IT support eventually. Why not pre-negotiate how much you’re going to pay and know that you’re going to get priority support when you need it?

Break-Fix On-Demand Support

Some clients prefer to wait until something breaks to call for support. We’ve seen that a proactive approach generally pays a dividend, but you know your business and budget so we won’t second guess you if you prefer a break-fix approach. Some clients are pretty savvy and can handle many IT issues on their own needing Exelos only for the tough problems, for consulting advice, or when they need a few extra hands on bigger projects.

Either way, we’re happy to provide our services on an as-needed basis. We’re pretty confident that once you experience our “Excellence Always!” approach, you’ll eventually want to lock in:

  • Priority service.
  • A fixed rate.
  • And access to our technicians 24/7.

But we started out over 25 years ago providing on-demand services and know it will always have a place. So if you need IT support, just call!

Easy Risk Free Onboarding

Onboarding a new client requires an investment and some trust on both our parts. It will take us some time to learn your infrastructure, staff, priorities and expectations, to transfer and update security credentials, inventory and deploy agents, etc. And it will take some time for you to answer questions and bear with us as we learn to walk then run with your environment.

But we’re so confident in our abilities that we’re willing to assume as much of the risk as possible. That’s why we’ll:

  • Give you your first month free with a new one year ProTech managed service agreement to ensure you’re not paying twice for the same service during the transition and also not paying us to come up to speed, or
  • Let you start with a month-to-month agreement and claim your free month once we’ve proven ourselves and you’re ready to lock in rates and discounts for a longer-term.

Either way, we promise to work respectfully, ethically, and cooperatively with your old provider.

We want to be your provider for a long time and we know that we have to earn your trust and respect in our abilities over time. So if there is anything else we need to do to lower the barrier just ask. Really… just ask!

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