If you’re a small to medium sized business (SMB), it’s important that you are using technologies designed for your size business. Too often we take over accounts only to discover that the last IT provider was amateurish and deployed consumer grade solutions or, conversely, only pushed high-end enterprise class solutions. Both have a higher total cost of ownership (TCO) and cost you money.

EXO8-SolutionsConsumer grade products are not designed for business. They don’t provide the uptime, performance, duty cycles, reliability and manageability of business class solutions. They may be cheap to purchase, but your business is paying a price in lost efficiency, low reliability¬†and higher maintenance costs compared to a business class solution. And while enterprise class solutions can provide additional benefits, they’re typically costly to purchase, deploy, learn and maintain.

Exelos is an SMB and we’ve always focused on finding solutions that help businesses our size run more efficiently and are right-sized. That means solutions that are robust and designed to support 5 to 100 users well with the core features that yield the most benefit without the high cost and marginal additional benefit of enterprise solutions.

You’ll find some of the SMB solutions we understand well and recommend to our clients on this website. Contact us to learn more!