Rapid EXO6A-Rapid

Did you know that Exelos uses the worlds fastest remote desktop support technology from Kaseya? We can often connect to a ProTech Managed Service client within seconds. That means we may be viewing your screen remotely before you’ve even finished explaining your problem. And it also means we can see what you see so you don’t have to try to explain those cryptic messages that pop-up. When response time matters, depend on Exelos!

EXO6B-24:7 24/7

The simple fact is that not all businesses operate from 8am to 5pm. Our tag line of “When You Need IT Running Now!” conveys our understanding that many businesses and organizations operate around the clock.

If you are a contract client, you will be able to reach us 24/7. We support dispatch centers, call centers and manufacturing concerns that appreciate we’ll be there when they need us. We’ve made it our business to support your business whenever you need us.

We have another tag line, “Excellence Always!” And that applies, even in the middle of the night!