As an Exelos client, we’ll manage most of the technologies you depend on. However, links to several of the portals we use and that you may have account access to self-administer are listed below.

ProTech Portal

Managed service clients use the link above to access our ProTech dashboard to view tickets, remote into your desktop (if allowed by company policy) and more. Not a ProTech managed service client? Click here to learn more.

Anti-Spam Portal

Anti-Spam clients use the link above to view quarantined email, manage your whitelists and blacklists, and generally manage your anti-spam settings. Still living with too much spam? Click here to learn how to slow the flow.

Domains, Website & Email Hosting

If you’re hosting your domain, website, email, DNS or other domain related services with Exelos, use the link above to access our portal. If you’re hosting somewhere else, use the link above to start saving now!

Open Quick Assist

An Exelos technician may ask you to use this portal to provide remote access to your computer. It’s safe and requires a single use code that only provides access one time.