IT Services

Keeping your business IT infrastructure running involves much more than simply purchasing hardware and fixing it when it breaks. It starts with a well thought-out design effort which looks ahead anticipating your future needs including growth, software upgrades, licensing, cloud services, remote access, and more. It involves a procurement process to consider funding sources, cash flow, financing options and special purchase plans such as COSTARs or non-profit pricing to ensure you’re getting quality products at the best price.

Installations and migrations┬áneed planned to┬áminimize downtime and reduce impact on your employees and operations. And don’t forget about properly disposing and recycling your old equipment as required by PA law.

Once you’re up and running, you’ll need ongoing monitoring, maintenance and support to ensure your investment is running as designed. If a problem does occur, you’ll expect rapid response, perhaps 24/7, by technicians that know you, your system and your expectations well.

You can expect all of this from Exelos!

Whether you engage us on-demand or opt for a block-time or managed service contract, our goal is the same, to keep your IT running when you need it.