Ransomware & Data Breaches…

There sure has been a lot of scary news lately about ransomware attacks and data breaches. It’s sort of surprising when a few proactive measures can dramatically minimize your risk of loss or business downtime.

  1. Keep your Windows and related applications patched. We know it can be a pain but you have to do it regularly. And that doesn’t just mean monthly or quarterly. Threats aren’t released on a schedule. You may need to patch daily if new threats are being released to the wild in a high threat level environment.
  2. Run enterprise class end-point protection software and keep it current. We recommend something that you pay for… not the free stuff. And you have to have a way to make sure employees don’t turn it off and that all the protections are actually working on all workstations.
  3. Make sure you have vaulted backups of your important data. Vaulted means that you have copies of your backups that can’t be attacked if your primary system is compromised, like rotating tapes of having offsite backups.
  4. Routinely audit and make sure all of the above are working on all workstations and systems.

There are many more things you can do but these four (4) steps are essential. Large enterprises have IT staffs to stay on top of these tasks, yet apparently even they fall short. It’s not surprising that many small businesses struggle to even know if they’re protected.

Here’s where Exelos comes in. Our ProTech service includes the patching, enterprise class end-point protection and even vaulted backup services you need for peace-of-mind. Plus we routinely monitor your systems to make sure these solutions are working properly. And we can suggest many other best-practice solutions, like using group-policy to limit what users can download and install, to further protect your business data.

You don’t have to wonder if your data is safe.

Know that it’s safe!

Call Exelos!

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