Exelos IT Service Adjustments during Covid-19 Disaster Declarations…

Dear Exelos Clients:

To help protect our employees, clients and yours, and also do our part to slow the spread of Covid-19 by complying with government declarations, effective immediately:

  • Any non-essential, routine or scheduled work including upgrades and deployments that requires an onsite presence will be postponed for all clients.
  • Exelos will only dispatch onsite service requests to essential businesses and then only after exhausting remote support options.
  • Exelos may ask for authorization from a senior employee before dispatching a technician to both confirm the urgency and need and coordinate any special instructions or procedures our technicians should be aware of while onsite.

The good news is that Exelos has excellent IT remoting, VoIP phone and cloud tools that will enable us to continue operating fairly normally to answer calls, monitor and manage client networks, backups, etc. and provide help-desk services as always. Service may take a bit longer to coordinate as our staff is also working remotely when possible and may need to prioritize some requests ahead of others.


More good news is that as an Exelos MSP client, you already have technology in place that supports some level of remote access. And, if you have our Nextiva VoIP phone service, there may also be options for employees to have company phone service at remote locations.

Exelos may be calling you proactively to discuss your needs, prioritize activities and prepare networks and accounts for remote access. If you have staff you wish to authorize to work remotely, please assign a gatekeeper responsible to let Exelos know who may work remotely and what type of remote access they will require. 

Feel free to call or email us if you have questions and/or immediate needs.

Edgar ‘Tack’ Hammer

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