Shellshock – Should I Worry?

Shellshock is just the latest vulnerability discovered that may allow hackers to exploit a machine running the Bash command-line interpreter. Bash is common on many versions of Unix, Linux, BSD and Apple. Bash can also be found on other systems from Windows to Android, but it is not installed and/or used by default. Click here to read an excellent summary written by Michael Lin and Larry Seltzer of Zero Day.

For most Exelos clients, the answer to the question you’re hopefully asking is, “Does this affect us?” The answer is, “Probably not!”

Most Exelos clients are running Windows which is generally immune. And if you are an Exelos ProTech Managed Service client, we are keeping your workstations patched and protected. If you’re computers and workstations are not under our active management or your running Apple computers, then we encourage you to update your computer and end-point security ASAP to be safe.

That said, Shellshock can be serious and there can be some other devices on your network with potential exposure. Again, for most of the systems and devices Exelos clients are known to run, we believe the risk is low. However, if after reading the article referenced above you are still concerned, contact us and we can discuss assessing your environment closer. And if you’re not under an Exelos ProTech Managed Service agreement, now might be the time to consider coverage.

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